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Mission and Vision

At ImpBarca, our mission is to provide high-quality information and insightful analysis about Barcelona Football Club. We aim to be the ultimate resource and community platform for Barcelona fans worldwide. Our vision is to bring Barcelona enthusiasts together, deliver exclusive content, and foster meaningful discussions.


ImpBarca was established in 2010 by Anne Hammond, an ardent fan of Barcelona Football Club. Inspired by her passion for the sport, Anne saw an opportunity to create a space where fans could delve deeper into the world of Barcelona FC. With the goal of sharing accurate and up-to-date information, ImpBarca quickly gained recognition within the passionate Barcelona fan community.

Founder – Anne Hammond

Anne Hammond is a dedicated football enthusiast who has followed Barcelona FC for over two decades. Her deep knowledge and unwavering support for the club have driven her to create a platform that goes beyond match summaries. With her experience as a freelance sports writer, Anne brings professional expertise to ImpBarca.

Impetus Behind the Website

ImpBarca was born out of sheer love and respect for Barcelona Football Club. Anne recognized that reliable and comprehensive information about the team was scattered across various sources, and avid fans deserved a centralized platform that curated the latest news, insightful analyses, and engaging discussions about the club.


Our website’s objective is crystal clear: to provide Barcelona fans with an authoritative and exceptional online resource. We aim to keep our audience informed, entertained, and inspired with a diverse range of articles, match analyses, historical features, opinion pieces, and interviews.

Target Audience

ImpBarca addresses an audience of impassioned Barcelona supporters worldwide. Whether you are a devoted fan seeking in-depth analysis, a new fan longing to learn more about the club’s rich history, or simply intrigued by Barcelona FC’s captivating style, our content caters to individuals who crave authentic Barcelona-related coverage.

Unique Value

What sets ImpBarca apart is our united and experienced team of editors and contributors. With a shared love for the artistry of Barcelona’s iconic “tiki-taka” style of play, our skilled writers unite their knowledge and perspectives to deliver a comprehensive coverage of all things Barcelona. Through our commitment to thorough research, accuracy, and passion, ImpBarca endeavors to become the go-to platform for Barcelona fans across the globe.

Join us and become part of our growing Barcelona community! Together, we will immerse ourselves in the special culture, history, and achievements of this extraordinary football club.

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